Comprehensive Alternative Investment Management

The HighStreet Group is a collection of independent financial companies offering comprehensive alternative investment strategies designed to meet the needs of our clientele in today’s ever-changing financial markets.
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Our Clientele

HighStreet offers these alternative investment strategies to institutional investors, trust companies, professional associations, pension funds, endowments, foundations and high net worth individuals.

Corporate Mission

Our Mission is to provide superior client service and investment management services based on three principals; DISCIPLINE, PATIENCE and RESPECT.  Discipline in adhering to our investment philosophy, Patience for the overall investment process and Respect for the power of the global markets.
Highstreet utilizes a team approach to the overall investment management process. We understand investing, the responsibility that goes along with prudent management and make it a priority to understand our clients.

We are committed to forming a long-term relationship with our clients and providing them with the best possible client service experience.

Investment Discipline

We manage assets utilizing a multi-style investment discipline known as Dynamic Style Rotation. This unique alternative investment discipline combines our traditional multi-style equity and fixed income investment management with best-in-class Institutional Hedge Funds and Private Equity Funds.

State-of-the-art Technology

Technology is used to facilitate our quantitative investment process, which analyses specific investment analytics, tactical and style allocation, portfolio optimization, and fundamental factor attribution. This technology also allows us to review third party qualitative research, that is performed on the stable of hedge fund and private equity managers within the program.

Our technology allows us to structure intelligent, institutional-quality portfolios that offset non-correlated systematic risk while attempting to generate absolute returns for the client’s overall portfolio strategy. The portfolio rebalancing and liquidity management technology makes it easy to rebalance portfolios, manage upcoming liquidity requirements, and track private equity capital calls. The result is a well-diversified individual equity, hedge fund and private equity portfolio.


Consistent communication is vital in today’s volatile market environment. Our portfolio management and administrative teams understand these complex financial markets and relay relevant information to our clients on a timely basis.
Through our secure website, clients have the ability to access their account information, account statements, performance reports and portfolio analytics as well as commentary from the portfolio management team into current investment strategies we are utilizing and the impact they have on their portfolio.

Join Us

The time is right. Markets move in cycles and now is a great time to plan for the next few years. These cycles repeat themselves and we believe we are in the early stages of a secular bull market. In the next several quarters, the markets have the potential to exit from its 2022 cyclical bear phase and resume its long-term secular bull cycle.

We believe it is vital that our clients understand and share in these short-term cyclical and long-term secular cycles. Our strategy is to keep positioning our portfolios properly to take advantage of changes in these market cycles. 

Investment success is only achieved through a disciplined investment strategy, patience for the overall investment process, and respect for the power of the markets.